EW PEACE WAVE ― Creating and spreading peace to the world from Japan and Poland.
Throughout the 7 million years of human history, tragedy and violence have never ceased from our world.
And now, almost 70 years after WW2, it is likely that we are about to repeat the same process over again.
We must look back at our past and educate ourselves to prevent meaningless conflicts resulting in blood, because, no matter what reason, be it political, cultural, religious, or ethical, a war should not be allowed to occur. It is time for us to find a new way of living fitted for this new era ― a life without war. And all the nations in the world, regardless of the differences, must stick together to realize that dream.
Each of us has a power to spread harmony, and with those power combined, we can make a great tide of peace big enough to fill the world ― the new peace wave.